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If you, or someone you love is in need of support, help is available.

mental health education and training

There’s no one blueprint that works for everybody, it’s not about you being the answer. It’s about asking the right questions to allow someone to answer themselves.

Lance Picioane, founder

All of our programs are built on from our mission to create positive change in the mental health and wellbeing outcomes of our community through awareness, acknowledgement and action programs and initiatives. Workshops and presentations are based on real life experiences, designed in collaboration with mental health experts and delivered by trained facilitators.

Our programs create a highly impactful experience that gives participants a greater understanding of mental wellbeing and how they can live a happy and more fulfilling life.

Community events and fundraising

Discover how we’ve been making an impact with the help of local communities.

No one travels their journey alone

Together we can make a difference and support and empower those around us.

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Self care resources

Self care isn’t selfish. It’s vital to enhancing your energy, restoring health and reducing stress.

Free tool kit download

Below, you’ll find a selection of resources to help you proactively support the mental health of the people around. Print them out, share them on social and let people know they’re never alone.


Show your support and display these in your office, clubrooms or on the back of toilet doors (the one place we can truly think in peace).

social media + flyer templates

These flyers and social tiles are easily customisable in Canva so you can tailor them to suit your needs.